Toronto Maple Leafs Embarrassed By Boston Bruins

March 20th, 2012 8 Comments

The Boston Bruins continued their dominance over the Toronto Maple Leafs this season Monday night, punishing the Blue and White to the tune of an 8-0 shellacking.

Monday nights win over the Maple Leafs gave Boston a sweep in the six game series, with Chris Kelly netting the game winner at 02:25 of the first period, which gave Kelly four game winners against Toronto this season.

Boston emerged from the first period with a 4-0 lead and started off the second period where they left off when Benoit Pouliot scored his 12th goal of the season and second of the game at 02:31 of the second.

Boston would earn two power play markers on the night. When everything was said and done the Bruins had outscored the Maple Leafs by a final score of 8-0 on the night and 36-10 in the six game series, which amounts to a complete fisting of the Leafs on the part of the Bruins.

Bruins netminder Tim Thomas emerged with the shutout, his second of the season against the lowly Maple Leafs.

Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn fought Bruins forward Greg Campbell midway through the first, but his efforts did little to spark his team, who managed just 13 shots on the night.

Mike Komisarek threw down with Milan Lucic. He too failed to spark his club, as he took a good ‘ol fashioned beating from Lucic, as he has many times before.

At the end of the day Monday nights “effort” was a complete embarrassment. The Maple Leafs were dominated in every aspect of the game and deserved to have their heads handed to them by the Bruins.

There is no silver lining here, the Maple Leafs stunk, plain and simple.

Starting goaltender James Reimer made only five saves on nine shots. He was replaced by Jonas Gustavsson, who gave up the other four goals.

Reimer and Gustavsson had little defensive help on the evening asToronto’s defense had trouble containing the Bruins forwards throughout the contest. That said, Gustavsson continues to go down far too early, which led to a few goals on the night.

If Francois Allaire is the goaltending coach guru he is made out to be he will start showing it by addressing Gustavsson’s penchant for committing low on far too many shots. Clearly, shooting are keying in on this weakness, which is resulting in a number of easy goals for opposing forwards.

With Monday night’s win the Bruins increase their lead over the Ottawa Senators to three points, which puts them second overall in the Eastern Conference standings. For Toronto, the loss brought their overall record to 32-33-8 on the season, good enough for 24th overall, a mere two points out of lottery pick contention.

The Maple Leafs will not have much time to lick their wounds as they will face the New York Islanders Tuesday night. The Islanders have posted a 3-4-3 record in their past ten games and sit just three points behind the Maple Leafs in 27th spot overall.

With a lottery pick in sight, here’s hoping the Maple Leafs come out with another stinker. Truth be told, at this point there is nothing to win by winning.

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  1. Hudson says:

    I love your final sentence. Woohoo! We’re almost there! So glad Burke can’t trade it away this time, lol. Maybe he will wrap it into a Nash trade though. After this debacle you can freaking bet he is going to go for Nash hard.

  2. Mark Ritter says:

    Hey Hud- well, the truth hurts, and the truth is the Leafs have nothing to win at this point. Even if a miracle of God happened and they made the playoffs there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that this team is prepared for the playoffs. Burke cannot blown it up, but he sure as heck will be busy this summer. When/if he signs any free agents my advice is to check under their kilts and see if there is a pair under there, this group ain’t got it!

  3. Hudson says:

    Hey, I agree with ya, Mark. I have been cheering for the other teams for a couple weeks now. I donno, if he’s going to be busy, doesn’t that mean big change? I don’t think a blow up is in order, but you know half a dozen players are gone. New on my list is Colby Armweak…

  4. Mark Ritter says:


    Probably the worst collapse in Maple Leaf history this season, which is saying a lot. The gut check of bringing in a new coach has done nothing so far to change the limp-wristed efforts from a number of players. Nothing will get Burke more upset than to see his players taking nights off. At this point, nobody is untouchable, and that goes for Phaneuf and Kessel as well. Armstrong’s $3 million price tag will keep most teams away. The fact he has been injured so often and so ineffective when he has been in the lineup also hurts Burke’s chances of moving that lump. I said it a year ago, that Army’s game had slipped- everyone pointed to the team record with him in the lineup, but I knew all along he had lost his edge. Ahhh hindsight, it can be a bit&h, but it can be ohh so redemeeming as well! Number one on Burke’s list has to be a goalie, number two, CHARACTER, number three, TOUGHNESS. Scoring will take care of itself, so toughness and character on D is a must…can you say “RYAN SUTER”??? If only Burke had the money!

  5. Hudson says:

    I agree with you there. I thought I would see more desperation in their play than at any time this season. And it’s been like letting the air out of a balloon. But in the end – it’s a GOOD thing. If we were gonna be toast in the first round, why not get a much better draft pick? It can be used, or parlayed. And changes made along the lines of what you have said. Definite kilt-checks.

    I think Burke will be a man on a mission after this. We deserve so much more. It’s been too long. I don’t know if there is a more rabid fan base in the world who have put up with so much for so little return over such a long time anywhere in the world…

  6. Hudson says:

    There are actually some pretty revealing stats in the article the above image is attached to…

  7. Jake says:

    The Leafs got trounced like a bunch of kids playing out of their league . They had no push back and no jump all game it was over in the first period . That is to be expected when only 4 or 5 men show up to play and the rest act like scared little school girls .

    I wonder what was going through Burke’s mind when he watched that embarassing display of attempted hockey ? He was probably proud and in awe of the team he helped to build in Boston .

    Phillis Kessel will never be the well rounded player Seguin is becoming and he is only the first of the three gifts from the wise man in TO . Can’t wait to see how the other two turn out I’ll bet boston is set for the next 10 years thanks to Burke .

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