Rick Nash Wants Out Of Columbus: Toronto Interested?

February 14th, 2012 81 Comments

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that at least two sources, (TSN’s French language sister station) reporter Renaud Lavoie and Columbus Dispatch reporter Aaron Portzline have reported that Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash is on the trade market.

In order for any of these claims to be true, Nash, who owns a No Movement Clause, would have to give the Blue Jackets a list of teams he would like to join, which means, despite the trade rumors, Nash is very much in control of his future.

Of course, just because Nash has presumably given the Blue Jackets permission to listen to trade offers, there is no guarantee that he gets moved.

Clearly, a player with Nash’s impressive resume would command a large return, a return which few NHL teams are willing or able to offer the Blue Jackets.

Let’s face it, a player of Nash’s caliber will fetch a very healthy return for the Blue Jackets and with Nash presumably forwarding a limited list of teams he’d be willing to join the matter becomes all the more complicated.

While there are few NHL teams able to put together a suitable package for Nash just about every NHL team would love to add Nash to their lineup. With the NHL trade deadline just two weeks away, look for Nash rumors to run rampant with just about every conceivable team, including the Toronto Maple Leafs being mentioned as a possible destination for the 6’4”, 219 pound winger.

Drafted first overall in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft by Columbus, Nash owns a long list of accomplishments, including five All-Star appearances, an Olympic gold medal with Team Canada in 2010, as well as earning the Maurice Richard Award as the NHL’s goal scoring leader (41) in 2003-04.

Through 56 games this season Nash has registered 18 goals (4 PPG) and 21 assists for a total of 39 points. His minus -22 rating on the season is more a reflection of his team’s poor overall defense than anything else, which will cause most suitors to overlook that statistic.

Through eight NHL seasons Nash has registered 277 goals and 250 assists for a total of 527 points, for an average of 0.81 points per game.

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke has long awaited a chance to land a player of Nash’s size and ability. In order for Burke to land Nash a couple of things have to happen.

First, Nash must give Columbus his blessing to explore a trade with the Maple Leafs, which may or may not happen. Second, Burke would have to be willing to give up a king’s ransom, which will likely include at least one roster player, a top prospect and a first round draft choice.

While not the big body centre Burke has longed for, Nash could potentially transform the Maple Leafs undersized forward corps, adding size, grit, leadership and of course some serious scoring prowess to the Blue and White’s lineup.

While the entire Leafs Nation would love to see Nash in a Maple Leafs’ uniform I wouldn’t hold your breath.

When you think of the Maple Leafs overall talent pool, top prospects that may be available in comparison to what other NHL teams may offer up as well as the cap issues that may evolve when you consider bringing in a player that carries a cap hit of $7.8 million through 2017-18, it will be tough for Burke to pull off a deal of this magnitude.

Let’s face it folks, Nazem Kadri and Luke Schenn will NOT be enough to land Nash, so get that out of your heads! Kadri and Schenn may be part of a potential deal, but I still see Burke having to sweeten the pot significantly in order to land Nash.

That said, stranger things have happened, and if Nash is willing to come to Toronto(which there is no guarantee of) there is no doubt in my mind that Burke will do everything possible to make it happen.

Look for the usual teams to surface as the most likely to acquire Nash, including the New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and of course the Maple Leafs.

From the outside looking in I would say the Blue Jackets, while weak in all areas, should be looking to acquire a goaltender, draft picks and a forward prospect to help off-set the potential loss of Nash. The Los Angeles Kings could off up goaltender Jonathan Bernier as part of a package, while the Rangers have talented forward Chris Kreider to offer. Another team that might take a shot at Nash are the Vancouver Canucks, who could offer up goaltender Cory Schneider and/or forward Mason Raymond for starters.

While the Maple Leafs have a number of young forwards and defensemen to offer, the likelihood of Columbus being interested in one of Toronto’s young goaltenders is slim, which may put the Maple Leafs out of the Nash discussions.

One thing is for sure, the possibility of Nash being available will serve as great trade fodder in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, this is going to get very interesting!

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  1. Mark Ritter says:

    Columbus would be smart to include Jeff Carter as a condition of any trade involving Rick Nash…just food for thought…

  2. Myleafsreader says:

    Interesting story. Where ever Nash goes will improve that club. I am subscribed to numerous rumors blogs and waiting to see the trades begin. I think the Leafs might go for Nash but think they are looking at some other power forwards who has size. I heard via TSN that LA and Leafs are scouting each other. I have a feeling Leafs may go for Penner as he was a former Burke player in Anaheim. There are other sizeable power forwards Leafs may go for. Problem is Leafs are practically at cap max so any trade with Leafs the other team would have to take some contracts on. It would be a trade concerning numerous players with contracts equating millions of dollars. The Leafs will make a deal for a power foward but not sure if it is for Nash or some other power foward. In the case for Nash Leafs could sweeten the deal with the Monster or Reimer. I do not think the Leafs would do that as they have no goalie ready for NHL after the monster. It will be interesting what the Leafs do. It will come this week sometime as Burke always makes big splash before deadline.

    See you

  3. MarkRitter says:

    Thanks for the comment MyLeafsreader!

    Sure, Burke is looking at other power forwards, but somehow, when you consider just how invisible Penner has been (with the Oilers last season and with the Kings since being traded) I doubt he could be conned into taking on his sizeable contract.

    Perhaps Burke is thinking about his goaltending and looking at Bernier? Perhaps it is nothing at all?

    I too believe Burke will make an attempt at Nash, he has to, but I do not think he has all the pieces to satisfy the BJ’s, not when you consider both L.A. and Vancouver could offer a number one goalie in return, as well as a package that would be as good or better than anything Burke could offer.

    Burke will look to offer quantity and hope that Columbus goes for it. McCowan and company mentioned the names of Gardiner (who I’d like to keep), Kadri, Aulie and other youngsters as a starting point, which is a steep but logical price tag for the likes of Nash. Columbus needs everything, so don’t be surprised if they try to address every position with this trade.

    The bigger question in Columbus is what to do with Carter? How can they keep him happy (and reports suggest he is not happy already) with Nash gone? It says here if one goes the other will follow either before the deadline or over the summer. There is a part of me that thinks Columbus will try to peddle both players in the Nash trade, but with all the cap restrictions, that will be near impossible to do.

    Check back later in the week, we’ll try to keep you up to date on what we are hearing…


  4. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello MarkRitter,
    I think Leafs have what is required to get their power forward.
    I heard rumor that LA is interested in MacArthur and Kulemin. Schenn could be added and not sure if Leafs will trade Grabovski. The whole MacArthur Kulemin Grabovski line could go for a power forward. Maybe for Penner. Maybe including Kadri and/or Colborne and/or Frattin. I think they have enough to make the deal but think it would be insane if they offered that much. I also heard rumor that Burke has said he could not take Penner that LA would have to take on some contract as Leafs do not have cap space to take Penner. It may not happen because LA does not want to take on any contracts. Think Burke may take a chance on Penner like he did on Lupul hoping Penner could return to being a 30 goal scorer.

    I also heard rumors Leafs are looking at other power forwards like
    Nash, Hemsky or van Riemsdyk. I think the van Riemsdyk rumbles quieted because of his concussion. I do not know what is rumors and what is not. We will see. Leafs are also interested in Carter. They could have got Carter a few years back when Burke was negotiating trade for Kaberle.


  5. Mark Ritter says:

    MyLeafs Reader—

    Every player you mentioned has been part of trade rumors, but I don’t think any of them, outside of nash, will garner any interest from Burke. The JVR deal may be re-visited over the summer, and may very well get done, but with JVR potentially just coming off a concussion there is no way Burke would take a chance on him at this time.

    Carter— contract is way too big and too long for Burke’s liking
    Penner— far too risky and an underachiever
    Hemsky— He’s really not that great!

    That leaves Nash, and like I said, I am not so sure Burke has what it will take to land him…


  6. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    personally I am not a fan of going after the big stud names. More times than not it does not work out or is not worth the cost. Burke usually goes after middle of the road studs anyhow. The concussion thing, no Burke does trade for injured players. He has done this. On the Leafs roster right now. Ok I’ll mention 2 – Lupul was out for a year had surgery and all and Lombardi was out for whole year with concussion. I would not rule out that Burke would trade for an injured player he has done that already. I really do not like Penner, Carter, Hemsky, Nash. I like Nash but think he is too expensive in terms of how many players one would have to send to get him. I mentioned Penner and Hemsky just because they were on Burkes team once upon a time. Burke has the tendancy of trading for his former players like Lupul, Pronger and stuff and he trades alot with his former team.

    Your average person does not think like Burke. We will see what he does. If it was up to me Connelly and Komisarek would be gone if a deal could be arranged. I have seen Burke trade the untradable Like Toskala, Blake, …etc. Oh while he is at it maybe make a trade to get Finger out of here.

    Back before Burke came to Toronto I would have liked to see them do the rebuild in the real way. 100% through the draft and stop trading for expensive marquis players or signing them at the free agency. It does not work unless you do a whack of them at the same time and the players pan out. The leafs have been trying to build like this for … well since I have been alive. It got them no cups doing things this way. They have to build through the draft and be patient. if it was upto me some of the Marlie players would be playing on the Leafs.

    We will see what Burkie does this time. I have a feeling Grabbo is gone.


  7. Hudson says:

    I think Burke is doing an ok job with prospects in the Marlies, and that is indeed what will help us trade our current NHL players.

    I agree about Connolly and Komi. I once held out hope for both of them. But they have really sagged after some promising showings. I think both of their contracts make it very hard to move them. Connolly will get more looks than Komi probably. So those two players, and Kadri, for me is what we should move.

    It’s so hard to predict what is going to happen. I think we’re all wrong. Burke always makes unpredictable moves. I can’t wait til he surprises us by the deadline. Because after this 4g skid, the one thing you can bet on is something is going to happen. And my best guess is that it will involve 3+ Leafs moving on…

    What is the deal with the recent losses? Will the real Leaf team please stand up?

  8. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    there is lots more than just Nash, How about Brad Richards?
    What about Bobby Ryan, Cory Perry, Ryan Getzlaf? Parise, Stamkos, Spezza, Toews well list could go on and on. It just depends on who is available, the cap situation and how desperate the team is. There are other players the Leafs could trade for and it does not need to be Nash. Nash is a good choice but think the price is too steep.


  9. Mark Ritter says:


    Your point about Burke trading for “injured players” is true, but you have to take the entire situation into account. In the case of Lupul, as much as Burke might have us think it was about Lupul, that trade was all about dumping Beauchemin and getting Gardiner. Lupul has worked out, but with his history it was a risky venture. In the case of Lombardi that deal was made to bring Franson into the fold, with Lombardi being a long shot to even play this season. The UFA signing of Connolly also comes to mind, but lets face facts here- Connolly was all that was available and he hasn’t exactly worked out either. That makes Burke 1 for 3 in dealing for injured players, which is not that great. In terms of Burke’s interest in JVR I think both his injury status and JVR’s big contract may pose a problem for the Leafs, but the rumors continue to be strong, so who knows?
    Nash is a big-body forward, a guy who brings leadership, toughness, and cache, which may help Burke keep his star players and attract others via free agency. If Burke could bring him in I would make the move, but I would not bank on it happening for the reasons you and I have laid out there.

    Bobby Ryan, Cory Perry, Ryan Getzlaf? Anaheim does not appear to be motivated to move any of them at this time… Parise will not be dealt before the deadline…Stamkos- no way he gets dealt, period! Spezza- is an interesting name, but with him having a rebound year I doubt Ottawa wants to trade him…and any suggestion that Toews is available is laughable!

    There are other players available, sure, but I don;t think any of the names you brought forward are realistic.


  10. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    sure the list I mentioned is just off top of my head. I could do some research and come up with other names. Fact is there is other studs out there other than Nash. Burke is going to bring in a stud that we don’t expect I think. I do not think it is going to be Nash.

    My take on the JVR situation – something is brewing with the Flyers. Flyers are desperate for a physical defenceman to replace Pronger. I think Flyers are interested in Schenn. I do think something is going to be worked out. I think Burke does not want to make the JVR move at this time until doctors can better evaluate JVR’s status. Burke may not go for JVR until the summer like you said. However JVR could be included as an add on in another trade with Flyers just like Lombardi or Lupul was. In any case I think JVR becomes a Leaf at some point whether now or later.

    I think Toronto has to get out of the big market mentality and start rebuilding right 100% through the draft.

    that is all for now

  11. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    oh about your comment about Burke being 1 for 3 out of trades for injured players. I do not agree. Connelly was not injured had gone a significant time without injury. I think Burke got production out of all 3 players (Lupul, Lombardi, Connelly) however I do not think Connelly is a fit for a Leaf. He was brought in as a number 1 center. That has not worked out. Why? I do not think Connelly is fast enough to skate with Lupul and Kessel. He slows them down, and makes them unproductive. I think Connelly is best suited for 3rd line
    but kind of a high price to pay for a third line center. I think Lombardi is ok could be a 20 goal scorer if he plays a full season without injury. Maybe never. I do not think we have given him a full chance yet. I think I will reserve judgement on Lombardi until end of season. So I think Burke was 3-3 in terms of success with the injured players. Well I think Connelly is too slow to fit in with the fast skating Leafs so I think number is 2 for 3. Connelly has got to go because he is too slow and we are paying him too much for what he does.

    See you

  12. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    I think Wilson uses Connelly wrong and Lombardi wrong.
    Coach Ron Wilson is part of the problem I think

    See you

  13. Mark Ritter says:


    Connolly had a long list of injuries over the years. When Burke signed him everyone said, “Connolly will be a good asset IF HE CAN STAY HEALTHY”. And he got injured in pre-season, and then got injured again, and has been fairly invisible all season long. Connolly played 68 games last season, 73 the year before, 48 in 2008-09 and 48 in 2007-08. He has not played a full 82- games since 2001-02. So, while he may not have suffered a major injury, he has suffered a number of injuries that have seen him miss 91 games over the past four seasons- or more than 20 per season on average…He also carries a huge salary, so, in my mind, yeah, Burke lost this one!

    In terms of Lombardi, he has been invisible all season long, he has 12 points in 39 games, so I am not sure why you think he has “contributed”. He’s also a minus -8 on the season and has six points in his past 20 games…not so good if ya ask me!

    At this point both Lombardi and Connolly are on borrowed time and if the team could buy them out or move them (yeah right!) the Leafs would be better off.

  14. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    Connelly has had some injury problems no doubt but like I said nothing major and considerable amount of time without injury when Burke got him. Yes he has had minor injuries this year but no concussion which is my major concern. Connolly is just too slow to
    be on number 1 line. Lombardi in recent memory has scored a few goals. Lombardi is unproductive because he has been used wrong and getting back into playing shape because of injuries. I think Wilson can use Lombardi better but he just does not. Like I said I will reserve judgement on Lombardi at end of season. We will see what he does down the stretch. Connolly has got to go but he probably won’t. I doubt either one goes anywhere

    See you

  15. Myleafsreader says:

    Well Mark Ritter
    what about the insane over the top stud. Why don’t the Leafs
    trade for Crosby? Hey we could offer the entire Grabbo MacArthur Kulemin line for Crosby. Or negotiate numerous other possibilities for Crosby.

    I say do it. I thought I would bring this up since we are discussing
    injured players. I think Crosby is worth the risk.

    See you

  16. Myleafsreader says:

    Mark Ritter
    Wilson keeps changing the lines which makes it hard to build any chemistry. Think Connolly and Lombardi belong together on 3rd line forever never moving them except if traded

    See you

  17. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    I would like to see what Lombardi would do if put on 1st line though.

    See you

  18. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    bottom line I would like to see Wilson stop putting Connelly
    on the number 1 line. It induces slumps. Just saying

    See you

  19. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    ok about Lombardi,
    Lombardi is unproductive because of the other reasons I mentioned plus the fact that he has no chemistry with the players Wilson puts him with. Fact is he had chemistry with Kadri. If this team is not defensively minded but rather offensively minded I would bring back up Kadri to play with Lombardi on third line or trade Kadri. We have to decide if this team is about defence or offence. If offensive bring up Kadri to play with Lombardi. What other Marlies would I bring up? Why was Frattin sent down please someone explain.

    I think some minor tweekings need to be done but mismanagement by Burke and Wilson. We are talking about the same players same organization just players being used wrong

    see you

  20. Mark Ritter says:

    This team is all about offense, The Leafs own one of the best PP in the NHL and have been in the top 5-7 in offense all season long. Frattin was sent down because he was ineffective, plain and simple. Kadri continues to play small and, as much as he has improved, has fallen well short of expectations for the third season in a row. We’ll have to agree to disagree on a few points, but that’s cool!

  21. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    Frattin scored goals was a force going to the net. I do not think he should be sent down. Kadri has his flaws no doubt but with Lombardi was an offensive force. I think it is time to forget about Kadri’s defensive woes. If not trade him. I am watching the same games as you. Lets just pile up the goals. I have seen some good things about the leafs this year but leaf management continue to bog down on players who have defensive disabilities. BTW Lombardi scored tonight. I am not willing to give up on Lombardi he could be great if on right line, but I do not care what happens to Connelly.

    See you

  22. Mark Ritter says:

    Ok, now you are getting stupid suggesting Burke go after Crosby…that’s just not happening my friend.

  23. Mark Ritter says:

    Frattin scored five goals in 37 games…he had good hustle but he was poor defensively and was unable to convince Burke and Co. he was ready for the NHL. He is where he belongs, with the Marlies, as is Kadri, as is Colten Orr!

  24. Mark Ritter says:

    So now Lombardi has seven points in his past 20 games, that’s not exactly lighting it up! Lombardi COULD be a decent second line centre, but he just hasn’t earned it this season. He has had a few chances, failed and is now where he belongs, on the third line.

    His biggest asset is his speed, which he flashes from time-to-time, but he has been unable to impress to this point.

    Nobody expects him to be a superstar, 20 goal scorer, or anything like that, so as much as it appears I am bashing Lombardi, I am just stating the obvious that he is not ready to assume the first or second line centre role.

    Besides, Kessel, Lupul and Bozak have undeniable chemistry together—why would Wilson want to screw that up?

    Like I said, we’ll have to agree to disagree…

    I think we are done here!

  25. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    I do not think it is stupid going after Crosby. Abit of a chancy move. Burke would not make that move he just does not have that much nerve to do it. If I was GM I would. Maybe its the best move to get the franchise player Leafs need. It is just not happening just my food for thought.

    See you

  26. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    Lombardi is off my Radar. Why? he is been off for a year with a concussion. Every point Lombardi gets is gravy. We gave Lupul a year to gather his bearings so think we should do the same with Lombardi. I do not think we should put pressure on Lombardi. He does ok for a 3rd line player. If I was the coach and not Wilson I would give Lombardi a chance as first line center. I think he would work well there. Wilson and I do not think the same. If Lombardi is going to be a third line player playing with players he does not have chemistry with he is doing very well. If the coach is worried about his productivity rejoin him with Kadri.

    See you

  27. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    no Leaf player goes to the net like Frattin except Lupul. I think more Leaf players need to go to the net like that for Leafs to be successful. Lack of this type of net presence is real reason for the slump. Frattin is going to be great. If I was GM Frattin never gets demoted this year. I am not so He will be back when he inproves his game.

    See you

  28. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    about the Kadri thing and his defensive liabilities. I have heard all about him playing small and turning the puck over. He has improved and still see the problem. The whole leaf team is like that. Did you see the past game against the Flyers? The whole leaf team was turning puck over like Kadri. The Leaf team looks like all speed and flare but no strength. They look weak. I would like to see some more bigger players on leafs with grit who also have offensive flare. Burke wants this. Burke is trapped in what he has by contracts although he went out and resigned MacArthur. I think Leafs need to get bigger and grittier. They are not that now so considering what Leafs are think Leafs could use Kadri’s offensive prowness.

    Just saying

  29. Hudson says:


  30. Myleafsreader says:

    Hudson banish who,

    I am just interested in the Leafs winning the cup. I think if the Leafs implement what I have said they eventually do that. Burke can keep his job but I think I, a 47 year old, have seen enough, to build the Leafs to a Stanley Cup Championship. I know this sounds proud. The very least Leafs would benefit by me being on the advisory board.

    Good luck to to Leafs

  31. Mark Ritter says:

    It’s a free country Hud…lol…Let him rant, it’s good for the heeling process!

  32. nhl fan says:

    Hi Mark

    I don’t agree with you on the point Frattin and Kadri deserve to be in the minors. Burke can’t simply send other players like Armstrong or Lombardi down. They would clear waivers and that is to much money to bury in the minors. They have Finger and Orr already there. Burke has to save face. But getting ice time for both Kadri and Frattin is also a good thing.

  33. Mark Ritter says:

    nhl fan-

    I think I might rather see Kadri and/or Frattin up with the big club, but I really do not think they have earned it, especially Kadri who has been given opportunities up the ying-yang to make this club. Frattin was ok when he was here, but he fizzled after a good strat and once that energy level left Burke sent him down. I’ll agree on the Lombardi thing though, if it were not for his considerable salary he’d be with the Marlies, I am not hating on the guy as we are well aware of his injuries, he’s just not been very consistent at all. Armstrong- he’s a keeper, but he too needs to step it up. I really think he’ll shine in the playoffs, just needs to get back to game shape after his long layoff.


  34. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello nhl fan,
    I think keeping players on the big club or in the minors based solely on dollar and cents is bogus. It is one part of the business I do not like. I think the best players should be with the big club regardless of contracts. Ofcourse Burke is involved in this monkey business. I mean he has players who have AHL contracts and players who have NHL contracts some contracts with waivers restrictions. The dollars and cents thing disables a GM from doing anything. It makes the minors like the Bermuda triangle. How? Burke is always trading for players with NHL contracts or signing free agents to NHL contracts. So if you follow this bogus system, you decide who plays where based on the contract you signed with them not on talent or skill. Where does this leave the players in the minors? Well trapped until they are included in a trade. They do not get seriously looked at or atleast until they have signed an NHL contract. Very few Marlies make it to the Leafs permanently.

    I think the Leaf organization should have more faithfulness with their players in their system. The opposite is true. They bury players in the minors while they aquire other players outside of their system.

    It does not work!!! This is big market mentality. The Leafs have to stop doing this. They have to stop trading for marquis players. They have to stop trading draft choices. This way of building a team does not work.

    The only way that works is building through the draft.

    See you

  35. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello nhl fan,
    I have been watching the Leafs since virtually 1967 (I ws 2 years old) try to build the Leafs like this. It only makes you competitive. You can not win the cup like that. Sure a couple of times they went to final four. I am sure history has proven this means of building a team just does not work. I would like to see the Leafs win the cup before I go to the grave.

    See you

  36. nhl fan says:

    Hi Myleafsreader

    I think the only mistakes Burke has made have been signing free agents his first couple of summers. He had a free pass and should have waited to see exactly what he had. But he has done an outstanding job rebuilding and ice a competitive team at the same time. Its hard to do both.

  37. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello nhl fan,
    think when they started rebuild with Fletcher then on with Burke, Leafs should have been working on rebuild only. Doing both at same time has wasted time. Burke has had how many years to even get Leafs into the playoffs, trying to get them competitive, acquiring players outside of the Leafs system. I do not see results as of so far. Leafs still have time to miss the playoffs. I do believe Leafs make the playoffs but there is no guarantee they make it past first round. I think the Leafs should have did a real rebuild rather than doing both at the same time.

    See you

  38. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello nhl fan
    I like Armstrong Leafs have good record when he plays. He has been way too injured to be worth the cost really.

    See you

  39. Dave says:

    Holy weirdest comment section bar none!

    Speaking of bar none. I really believe Burkie gets Nash irregrdless of the cost. Look at the Kessel deal. Burkie isnt shy when it comes to making the big deal and your right dude….if it happens, it will be big! Guys like Nash just don’t come around unless you tank for years and even then there are no sure things. Burkie will get this done….


  40. Myleafsreader says:

    Dave we have been waiting for 44 years doing it exactly like Burke has been doing it. I wish the best for the Leafs but all that Burke has done so far is create a bubble team. Ok Leafs might get into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. Looked a dynasty in Edmonton in a mere 5 years from scratch building it like I said and in a small market. To build by trading for marquis players just does not work especially since a salary cap has been put on it. If we want to settle for a competitive team that is fine. I want to see the Leafs kill the other team in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    See you

  41. Myleafsreader says:

    Dave ok more recently
    Chicago did it in 3 years from being out of the playoffs to championship more or less building through draft like I have been saying.

    See you

  42. Myleafsreader says:

    Dave what about Pittsburgh?
    they have won cup a few times building through the draft while the Leafs have continued their ways, staying competitive but not enough talent to win the cup.

    So there you have it.

  43. Mark Ritter says:

    Despite what many think, the Maple Leafs are building through the draft. Consider the fact that the Maple Leafs actually are in the Nash conversation because of their depth in the prospects department— this would not have been the case 5 years ago. Also, consider the trades Burke has pulled off, he is not bringing in 35+ players rather, many of Burke’s acquisitions have been young talented players and/or prospects that have been working out(Kessel, Gardiner, Gustavsson, Franson, Lupul, Bozak, Colborne, etc.). The Maple Leafs are one of the youngest teams in the NHL, their oldest player is what- 30? With the exception of the Kessel trade, which brought Toronto a superstar forward who is in the top 10 in scoring, Burke has not been trading his young assets. If anyone thinks Toronto is not building through the draft/acquiring prospects you are dead wrong, end of story.

  44. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    I like the young mix that Burke has built. Leafs are actually the youngest team in the League. They are not building through the draft though. The Marlies players do not get serious look. They are just standins when Leafs have injuries. The culture has to change how they treat the prospects in the first place. Leafs can not continue to allow dollars and cents to keep their better players off their big club. Where prospects prove they are better than the Leafs big club players with NHL contracts the prospects have to have higher priority. When the GM signs players for dollar and cents not as good as prospects the GM has to admit the error and rectify the problem. What happens now is the GM buries the prospect in the minors and keeps the not as good player with the NHL contract on the big club. I do not care if it looks good or not burying money in the minors it is what they must do. GM’s are human. They have to fix the problem. As long as the Leafs have a shut door on their minors system the prospects can do nothing. The prospects end up getting traded eventually like Pogge. Besides trades for players with NHL contracts are constantly getting in the way of the prospects.

    By the way both Burke and Fletcher has traded draft picks. The only time I agree with draft picks being traded is on the draft floor. The way the culture is with the minors doors being shut due to dollars and cents, the draft picks are not worth anything.

    See you

  45. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    most of the young players the Leafs have on their roster they got from trades they did not draft them themselves. The only way you can be on the big club as a young player is through trade. Very few exceptions like Reimer. The Leafs give higher priority to players they trade for over the players they draft. That is just the way it is.

    Regardless how young Leafs look or are, they are building through trading not through the draft.

    See you

  46. Myleafsreader says:

    Here are some of the players Leafs aquired by trade – Kessel (for 2 draft picks 1st round) Lupul, Phaneuf, John-Michael Liles, Franson, Gardiner, Lombardi, Steckel, Colborne, Aulie,

    Here ars some of the players Leafs aquired by free agency signings – MacArthur, Connelly, Komisarek, Orr, Armstrong, Dupuis and Gustavsson.

    The numbers are too high they bring in out side of their system. They have to start building from within. What the Leafs have done thus far is not building through the draft.

    See you

  47. Myleafsreader says:

    Here are more more players aquired by free agency – Grabovski (via Montreal), Crabb (via Atlanta originally drafted by NYR) Mike Brown (via Vancouver), Boyce (via Columbus), Rosehill (via Tampa)

    So people this is not building through the draft. This is building a team through trades and free agency signings although a few roster players were home grown players.

    Hey folks do we know how many traded former Maple Leafs names are written on the Stanley Cup. The list is long and would be very fun to research that.

    The smoke screen can not fool me

    See you

  48. MarkRitter says:


    What you fail to acknowledge are the young players and prospects Burke has brought in, and more importantly the draft picks he has acquired which he has used to build a decent amount of talent. Burke is BUILDING through the draft, but the current team is not built through the draft, rather a combination of UFA’s, draft choices, players that were here when he got here and trades. You cannot start your job as a GM and instantly ice a team that is built through the draft, this is a minimum five year process, a process which has to continue to be successful. The fruit of Burke’s labor will pay off when the likes of Kadri, Stuart, Blacker, McKegg and others start to develop—these are the players Burke is banking on, this is how the team will be built through the draft…

  49. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello MarkRitter,
    no I acknowledged the prospects Burke brought in in my first sentence a few posts back when I said I like the youth mix. Never the less these young players have come through trades or free agency. I am not convinced they are seriously looking at the prospects you mentioned. Yes the Leafs have brought in quite a sizable amount of prospects and young players. It this point it is not enough. Kadri has had a ying yang of chances to make the Leafs. I am not sure Kadri will ever make the Leafs nor the other prospects you mentioned. I am not sure how many of the prospects you mentioned make the Leafs permanently or are included in trades. I suspect some of them probably will be included in trades. What Burke is doing is trading for prospects jumping the Q trying to save time, trading for other teams prospects. This is still not building through the draft.

    Burke has been GM for 3 years. Like I said Chicago went from out of playoffs to champs in 3 years. No matter how you try to paint it Burke is trying to build team through trades and free agency.

    Under Burke it is a bit different than what I have seen in Leafland for the last 44 years is that he is trading for young players for the most part although still trading for few older veterans.

    It is still not building through the draft.

    See you

  50. Mark Ritter says:

    Chicago may very well have gone from out of the playoffs to champs in three years, but there was a hell of a lot of wheeling and dealing in order for them to land all of their roster players, and the process did not just take three seasons. Check the names on the Cup, there were lots of veterans on that team as well, not just Chi-town draft choices.

    Building a team is a process, it’s not just about UFA’s, Draft choices or otherwise, there is always a mix. Foundations may be laid in young players, but as Chicago proved, it is damn near impossible to hang onto all of your young stars, as witnessed by all the trades Chicago made after they won.

    Chicago is an example of the perfect storm, where their young players all peaked at the right time and their GM managed the Cap correctly. If Chicago had lost that year they would have been screwed as they were way over the cap the next season.

    Burke IS building through the draft, he has hung onto his picks (other than those involved in the Kessel deal), end of story. Give it time, most of the kids he had drafted are 18 years old!

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