Rick Nash Wants Out Of Columbus: Toronto Interested?

February 14th, 2012 81 Comments

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that at least two sources, (TSN’s French language sister station) reporter Renaud Lavoie and Columbus Dispatch reporter Aaron Portzline have reported that Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash is on the trade market.

In order for any of these claims to be true, Nash, who owns a No Movement Clause, would have to give the Blue Jackets a list of teams he would like to join, which means, despite the trade rumors, Nash is very much in control of his future.

Of course, just because Nash has presumably given the Blue Jackets permission to listen to trade offers, there is no guarantee that he gets moved.

Clearly, a player with Nash’s impressive resume would command a large return, a return which few NHL teams are willing or able to offer the Blue Jackets.

Let’s face it, a player of Nash’s caliber will fetch a very healthy return for the Blue Jackets and with Nash presumably forwarding a limited list of teams he’d be willing to join the matter becomes all the more complicated.

While there are few NHL teams able to put together a suitable package for Nash just about every NHL team would love to add Nash to their lineup. With the NHL trade deadline just two weeks away, look for Nash rumors to run rampant with just about every conceivable team, including the Toronto Maple Leafs being mentioned as a possible destination for the 6’4”, 219 pound winger.

Drafted first overall in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft by Columbus, Nash owns a long list of accomplishments, including five All-Star appearances, an Olympic gold medal with Team Canada in 2010, as well as earning the Maurice Richard Award as the NHL’s goal scoring leader (41) in 2003-04.

Through 56 games this season Nash has registered 18 goals (4 PPG) and 21 assists for a total of 39 points. His minus -22 rating on the season is more a reflection of his team’s poor overall defense than anything else, which will cause most suitors to overlook that statistic.

Through eight NHL seasons Nash has registered 277 goals and 250 assists for a total of 527 points, for an average of 0.81 points per game.

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke has long awaited a chance to land a player of Nash’s size and ability. In order for Burke to land Nash a couple of things have to happen.

First, Nash must give Columbus his blessing to explore a trade with the Maple Leafs, which may or may not happen. Second, Burke would have to be willing to give up a king’s ransom, which will likely include at least one roster player, a top prospect and a first round draft choice.

While not the big body centre Burke has longed for, Nash could potentially transform the Maple Leafs undersized forward corps, adding size, grit, leadership and of course some serious scoring prowess to the Blue and White’s lineup.

While the entire Leafs Nation would love to see Nash in a Maple Leafs’ uniform I wouldn’t hold your breath.

When you think of the Maple Leafs overall talent pool, top prospects that may be available in comparison to what other NHL teams may offer up as well as the cap issues that may evolve when you consider bringing in a player that carries a cap hit of $7.8 million through 2017-18, it will be tough for Burke to pull off a deal of this magnitude.

Let’s face it folks, Nazem Kadri and Luke Schenn will NOT be enough to land Nash, so get that out of your heads! Kadri and Schenn may be part of a potential deal, but I still see Burke having to sweeten the pot significantly in order to land Nash.

That said, stranger things have happened, and if Nash is willing to come to Toronto(which there is no guarantee of) there is no doubt in my mind that Burke will do everything possible to make it happen.

Look for the usual teams to surface as the most likely to acquire Nash, including the New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and of course the Maple Leafs.

From the outside looking in I would say the Blue Jackets, while weak in all areas, should be looking to acquire a goaltender, draft picks and a forward prospect to help off-set the potential loss of Nash. The Los Angeles Kings could off up goaltender Jonathan Bernier as part of a package, while the Rangers have talented forward Chris Kreider to offer. Another team that might take a shot at Nash are the Vancouver Canucks, who could offer up goaltender Cory Schneider and/or forward Mason Raymond for starters.

While the Maple Leafs have a number of young forwards and defensemen to offer, the likelihood of Columbus being interested in one of Toronto’s young goaltenders is slim, which may put the Maple Leafs out of the Nash discussions.

One thing is for sure, the possibility of Nash being available will serve as great trade fodder in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, this is going to get very interesting!

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  1. Dave says:

    Agreed 100% Mark. MLR: Drafting takes time. Burke has been here three years. Most picks not named Crosby or Stamkos take years. Ask Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf. Generally, it takes most players post draft anywhere from 2-3 years in junior or 4 years in the collegiate route, before even being thought about for an AHL or NHL job. We are talking a five year project in the system. The difference between what Burke has built vs. what we’ve had over the last 15 years is that we actually have something to look forward to. Do we have skill upcoming along the lines of a Getzlaf or Ryan, no – probably not. But dont count these kids out. Many of these names look to have some real decent futures:
    Nazem Kadri,
    Joe Colborne,
    Jake Gardiner,
    Keith Aulie,
    Jesse Blacker,
    Matt Frattin,
    Greg McKegg,
    Tyler Biggs,
    Stuart Percy,
    Ben Scrivens,
    Brad Ross,
    Marcel Mueller,
    Jussi Rynnas,
    Korbinian Holzer,
    Jerry D’Amigo,
    Juraj Mikus,
    Simon Gysbers,
    Josh Nicholls,
    Josh Leivo,

    I could go on but I’m hoping you get the point.Granted, not all of these guys are draft picks. Some of these guys were aquired via trade or free agency (Rynnas and Mueller – FA before you anyone asks.)

    Aside from these guys Burke has also added another free agent – Tyler Bozak, who if you ask me looks like a guy who could have gone in the low 1st round. Has BB made some miskakes in free agency, yes. Komisarek comes immediatley to mind. But to say double B hasnt helped this team build depth and a quality future, is absurd dude.

    The fact we can even discuss a trade for Nash with anything founded in reality proves that!


  2. Myleafsreader says:

    Dave do not put words in my mouth,
    I said Burke has brought in numerous players via trade and FA I did not say Burke has not helped to build depth. Show me anywhere I said that in this thread. I did not. For the record I think it is absurd to send any of the prospects to aquire Nash. But this is what the Leafs do.

    I am through with this thread. Carry on the discussion I am not part of it.


  3. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter
    ok one more comment from me and I’ll be leaving this thread. Brian Burke traded the following picks I know of other than from the Kessel trade:

    June 24, 2011 10:22 pm ET Anaheim acquires:30th overall draft pick (2011) – 39th overall draft pick (2011)

    Toronto acquires: 22nd overall pick (Tyler Biggs)

    June 24, 2011 5:01 pm ET
    Toronto acquires: John-Michael Liles

    Colorado acquires: 2012 2nd round draft pick

    February 15, 2011 10:06 am ET
    Toronto acquires: Aaron Voros

    Anaheim acquires: Seventh-round pick (Conditional – 2011)

    Ok I am through with this thread. People are putting words in my mouth and their own meanings into my word.


  4. Mark Ritter says:


    You also said Burke has not built this team through the draft. Well, the current team may not look like he has done that, but you have to consider the entire organization. Burke is in the process of building through the draft, but it takes time. Burke has illustrated a willingness to stick with the plan. Mentioning Burke giving up seventh round picks for players is hardly an indication that he is giving up picks. Burke has hung onto most of his draft picks since he got here. Sure, he gave up three picks for Kessel, but he got a top-ten scorer.

    Building through the draft and building with youth are not exactly the same thing, but Burke is doing both. In acquiring Gustavsson, Gardiner, Bozak, etc through trades and FA he has augmented the teams development. Throw in all the talent he has acquired via the draft and you have to admit Burke is going with youth where plausible. Again, the Leafs are one of the youngest teams in the NHL.

    Besides, look at what Philly has been doing— this is a team that has had some success developing their own talent, but when things don’t work out they way they anticipated and they want a change the Flyers are willing to trade top talent for draft choices and prospects.

    Burke is awaiting his talent to develop, which may take a few seasons, but he certainly is building and the draft is a huge tool.

    Anyways, thanks for the comments, you said…A LOT, so don’t get upset if your words were misunderstood, there are what 40 comments from you?…lol…

  5. Dave says:

    MLR: No need to be discouraged dude. This is an exciting time of the year and its fun to debate the present and futures of our buds. We all share something in common which is more than evident by all of your posts: were all passionate about the buds!


  6. Myleafsreader says:

    Ok Dave I’ll Stay,
    nice list of prospects you have there. I have to think on the Bozak thing, I think he is a homegrown guy not a FA as he played for Marlies. I do not know much about the prospects. Gardiner is not a prospect he is a Maple Leaf on the big club. There are two types of prospects really – ones aquired in trades, and ones Leafs actually physically drafted themselves. In general I feel Brian Burke has higher priority for the prospects he traded for than those he drafted. What I mean to say BB considers them closer to becoming a Leaf than the ones picked in the draft. I have to research your list but here is off the top of my head which ones you mentioned fall in this category – Colborne, Aulie, Frattin, Think Kadri is in this list also due to how long he has been in the system awhile. I will have to research the rest.

    I am not sure how many of them will make the Leafs, if the Leafs will really seriously look at them or have a brief look and trade them. I can not read BB’s mind. I do not know how Aulie went from being a prospect to a Leafs player, played 40 some odd games then went back to being a prospect. Burke keeps bringing in defencemen. I do not agree with trading draft pick for John Michael Lyles. I understand he is a good player. I think the pick is more valuable. I would not have brought in any older players. You have to have all the players around the same young age, developing together. So what I mean by building by the draft, is do the due diligence with the scouting staff and choose our own picks, do the work to develop them to become Leaf players. Leafs should have done this when they were in Lottery rather than getting Kessel. I like Kessel but I would have rather gotten a young sniper with gritt. Building by the draft requires more than just lining up prospects. You have to develop them. I do not see much success in the Leafs developing prospects. Until these prospects make the Leafs permanently they are nothing more than ponds possibly to make trades. I do not know what Burke’s intentions is for them. I do like Scrivens but know it will be a while before he is ready for the big club.

    That is all for now

  7. Myleafsreader says:

    The Leafs looked pretty bad on Saturday against Vancouver. I still they should not do anything except maybe a trade for Grabbo. I think the Leafs are built, they just need to develop what they have. I would not get concerned about goaltending or defence and get hasty and make trades to remedy this situation. These players will get better with expierence. So Why not trade for Nash? Main reason we do not know what the prospects become. Gardiner could be the next Bobby Orr. One Leaf trade comes to mind – Leafs traded a 1st round pick to NJ for Tom Kurvers. NJ took Scott Niedermayer. History shows that was a terrible trade for Leafs. In my books all the Leafs prospects should never be traded or atleast we get a better idea of their potential. So without trading the prospects the Nash deal does not happen. The vaults are filled with terrible Leaf trades like this. I understand the temptation but it is only a bandaid not a long term solution. We need to develop from within. If and when we are close to being first in the division or first in the conference we could consider the Nash type of trade. Leafs are barely in playoffs for now, a bubble team, Nash can not help but only hurt us in the long run. I think we need to stand pat and focus on making the playoffs. With Nash there is no guarantees, we do not know he will have chemistry with anyone on the Leafs let alone Kessel and Lupul. There are no guarantee Nash will score 30 or 40 or 50. Will he disrupt our chemistry. Nash is just not a gamble I would take

    See you

  8. Myleafsreader says:

    Interesting Nash trade suggestions over here http://www.tsn.ca/community/story/?id=388064 The person that wrote in the Leafs trade for Nash is ‘D Dion Phaneuf, D Luke Schenn, D Jesse Blacker, F Nazem Kadri and F Joe Colborne.’ Wow this is an insane trade. Phaneuf? No way – Schenn? No way – Kadri? uh maybe but no – Blacker – no don’t know enough about him – Colborne? No way.

    Someone commented it would be funny if Nash stays in Columbus. Yes what about all the hooplah.

    See you

  9. Myleafsreader says:

    Mark Ritter,
    to know what ‘building through the draft’ is google the term or phone LeafTalk and ask Andy Frost. You do not understand such a basic hockey term

    See you

  10. Mark Ritter says:


    what are you, new? I know very well what building through the draft means. The issue at hand is that Burke has not had enough time to bring his picks into the fold with the big club, but it does not mean he is not building through the draft— how do you not see this?

    Go ahead, go research how many picks Burke has held onto (or see list below), then get back to me and tell me how he is not building through the draft…has he augmented this process with the Kessel trade, yes, but he brought in a top-ten scorer for years to come.

    If Burke was trading all his picks away I would agree, but after the Kessel trade he has done a great job of holding onto his picks and allowing his players to develop at the AHL level, just as he did in Anaheim.

    Did you miss the trades he made last season where he acquired DRAFT PICKS from the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers? Are you aware that every single one of those players is still with the organization?

    How the hell is that not BUILDING THROUGH THE DRAFT MLR?

    And, if Andy Frost or anyone on Leafstalk fails to acknowledge that Burke has been hoarding draft picks (for the most part) they are wrong, end of story.

    My bet— Andy Frost is smart enough to acknowledge Burke has done a good job of both holding onto his draft picks and making an effort to develop that talent (BUILDING THROUGH THE DRAFT), I wouldn’t be putting words in his mouth, but I gotta think he could see this.

    Just because Burke chooses to augment the development of his team through trades and FA signings says nothing about his willingness to develop players and building through the draft, or lack thereof.

    In no particular order, here is a list of players that Burke has drafted and held onto since coming to Toronto— (see below)…

    Please be sure to post back and explain to me, given how many draft picks Burke has held onto that he is NOT building through the draft? The fact that these players are not yet with the big club says nothing about the long-term direction this team is headed in. The fact Burke continues to attempt to develop these players says it all MLR…

    Burke has rarely brought in an aging veteran, and when he has, he has managed to sell them off for young players (such as Jake Gardiner— a BURKE DRAFT CHOICE when he was in Anaheim) and draft picks which he has used to (wait for it) build the future of his team with!!!!

    2009 1 7 Nazem Kadri Canada C 18
    2009 2 50 Kenny Ryan United States RW
    2009 2 58 Jesse Blacker Canada D
    2009 3 68 Jamie Devane Canada LW
    2009 5 128 Eric Knodel United States D
    2009 6 158 Jerry D’Amigo United States RW
    2009 7 188 Barron Smith United States D
    2010 2 43 Bradley Ross Canada LW
    2010 3 62 Greg McKegg Canada C
    2010 3 79 Sondre Olden Norway F
    2010 4 116 Petter Granberg Sweden D
    2010 5 144 Sam Carrick Canada C
    2010 5 146 Daniel Brodin Sweden RW
    2010 7 182 Josh Nicholls Canada C
    2011 1 22 Tyler Biggs United States RW
    2011 1 25 Stuart Percy Canada D
    2011 3 86 Josh Leivo Canada LW
    2011 4 100 Tom Nilsson Sweden D
    2011 5 130 Tony Cameranesi United States C
    2011 6 152 David Broll Canada LW
    2011 6 173 Dennis Robertson Canada D
    2011 7 190 Garret Sparks United States G
    2011 7 203 Max Everson United States D

    * List of Toronto Maple Leafs players drafted by Brian Burke

  11. Dave says:

    MLR, MLR, MLR…

    C’mon dude, no mudslinging dude. The point Mark and I were both trying to make is that Burke is building through the draft. Unless you follow the Leafs, Marlies, and their respective picks unrelentlessly, agreed, it may be tough to see that.

    I think a brief explanation of the process might help dude, then of course, we are all free to make our own decisions on where the talent level really in in terms of our picks and how they are progressing.

    In my post about the list of prospects Burke has built, I mentioned that it takes time for any GM to see the fruits of his labour. Usually, anywhere from 3-5 years after they have been drafted. This means, you will not generally see a draft pick in the NHL for roughly 3-5 years after the day they were drafted. They need to develop. Thats why they are refered to as “prospects”.

    As we all agree, Burke has only been on the job for 3 years, of course there are no prospects ready for the NHL level. Agreed, Kadri may be the closest, but one look at how quickly he gets knocked off the puck (and usually onto his ass) tells anyone, that he needs more development. The AHL is the closest thing to the NHL with the same sized dudes in the game, so it stands to reason that Kadri needs to do some learning at that level to better prepare him for the NHL.

    Look at at like this dude, you don’t go from one in class training session directly into an unsupervised flight of an aircraft. It takes time. Another analagy would be a college diploma or a university degree. Draftees need to learn there craft and perfect it to make every move north, junior, then pro. AHL, then NHL.

    The thing with Burke that has been a positive that we havent seen in well over a decade, is that we have guys that are moving through our system with talent. Some of these guys will be solid NHL’ers, some will be serviceable, others will be doomed to a life in the AHL riding busses.

    The idea in drafting is that you have the ability to direct the development of these athletes and you can mould their skills into what your team covets or the type of game your team plays. But the real gem when it works out is that when a guy on your NHL team leaves for whatever reason, free agency, trade, etc – you have depth to fill the holes. In fact, thats generally how drafted players get there start. By simply plugging a hole and later convincing the coaching staff and Management that they should be allowed to stay and contribute at the NHL level.

    The beauty of what Burke has done vs. Ferguson vs. Quinn vs. Fletcher is that we have skilled guys to plug holes. Nobody else did over the last 15 years. When a regular went down with an injury in the time of Quinn or JFJ, we had to plug in a guy with no business being in the NHL and definelty no future in it. And that hurt the team, BIGTIME.

    Today with what Burke has done, if we for instance lose Grabovski because we cannot get him signed and do not believe he is worth north of 5 million. The leafs can survive at the level they are at. Lombardi can slide up into a second line center, Connolly can play the second line, or (I will only use this guy because he is a Burke draft pick) Kadri can come up to fill the hole. Having said that, Colbourne would be my choice, but irregardless, we have the ability to fill holes with skill and talent.

    A by-product also of the advent of the Cap post lockout is that with star salaries rising it is even more important to have quality picks ready to take an NHL job when they are called upon. They provide entry level salaries, which gives a team cost certainty and more importantly, value and cap flexibility.

    Sorry for the long winded response but I’m not sure you understand the process and I thought a clarification might help before you start throwing stones. Hope it helps.

    I’m also not defending Mark – he has zero need for me to do that. But I feel compelled to point out that he has spent a ton of time around this game dude. He’s written articles for prominent websites, hosted a national online radio show and has sent time writing at NHL games as a part of thge press. None of us can say that, and we also do not spend the time writing these articles so that we can all enjoy talking, replying and getting our hockey fix.


  12. Mark Ritter says:

    Thanks Dave— at least some of us can see the trees in the forest…lol…

  13. Myleafsreader says:

    Hello Mark Ritter,
    I have had it, I do not need this forum. I have had everything I have said belittled. I even got the ‘healing process’ comment said to me. You have made me repeat over and over again and you criticize me for how many posts I posted. You are not a higher authority than Andy Frost.

    You are a two bit nothing

    I am gone

    I will unsubscribe from any rss feeds I am subscribed to.
    I do not need the repetition.

  14. Mark Ritter says:

    Hey MLR—

    Just like when I post something, anytime you make a comment on the internet or any other forum you open yourself up for criticism.

    Nobody attacked you, simply pointed out that, in the opinion of myself and others, you were mistaken.

    If you cannot take a little criticism or have others disagree with you then do not comment.

    And when the hell did anyone (including myself) try to say I was higher authority than Andy Frost?

    See you MLR, Stay Classy!

  15. Dave says:

    Hey Mark – Damn do I love Ross dude. This guy is going to be the second coming of Darcy Tucker! Hopefully we see a full year of him with the Marlies next year. For that matter I’d love to see him and Crezcenzi charging down the ice on the forecheck! I’m betting he wont see the tail end of the Marlies season this year with the Winterhawks primed to go deep. Too bad more games werent televised….sucks watching them on the internet 🙁

    The future is bright dude!!


  16. Myleafsreader says:

    I told you to phone LeafTalk and ask Andy Frost for the definition. You ignored that and answered my 3 line post with a 500 line post.

    In my mind you insinuated you are a higher authority than Andy Frost.


  17. Dave says:

    So MLR you are saying dont trade picks for Nash then….cool.
    By the way Andy Frost is in the job he is in because of his voice dude, not his hockey accumen – although granted he is a well informed guy and is certainly educated on hockey. Dude, seriously though, you need to chill on the “I’m going to go back to my room and lock the door” bit. Its too reminicent of taking your toys and going home.
    Relax dude, we all love the game and we all have differing opinions!


  18. Mark Ritter says:

    Sorry MLR—

    I don’t take orders very well, so I do not intend to call Leaftalk to ask Andy Frost what I already know to be true.

    I answered with a 500 word post to properly illustrate my points, If you happen to disagree, well, it’s a free country brother…

    Anyways, I knew you’d be back, can’t resist, huh?

    Like I said, stay classy MLR…

  19. Mark Ritter says:

    Ross— is he a Burke draft pick? A player Burke is trying to build with down the road? Nah…he must not exist!

  20. Myleafsreader says:

    swearing is not classy

    Im out of here

  21. Mark Ritter says:

    Swearing? What R u talking about?

    No MLR— what it is not classy is posting something like this—

    “You are a two bit nothing”

    Look familiar…they are your words, not mine

    Stay Classy!

  22. Jake says:

    All this talk about Columbus wanting a great deal for Nash is fine but never lose sight of the fact Nash has a 7.8 mil cap hit that Columbus desperately want to shed . Is Nash worth the 7.8 mil hit ? Yes he quite likely is but is he worth gutting the team for plus that 7.8 mil that would be a definite no .

    It is one thing to sign a free agent to a multi year big ticket salary and quite different trading for one that already has the contract in place .
    Columbus wants a roster player a prospect and a pick which seems fair if the roster player until you figure what roster player they want and what prospect .
    Basically Columbus wants Nash’s salary paid off and three quality affordable players for that priveledge . Plain and simply it is a salary dump and the math won’t be good for any team biting on that deal .

    Burke will come in with a low ball offer because he has lots of holes to plug and needs a little cap space to work with . More likely he deals for Carter even with his horrible contract he leaves room to manuever . Otherwise the leafs have to dump salary next season and there are very few options left to improve if the farm system is sold out for Nash .

  23. Jake says:

    @Dave Well it seems you can speil off the Marlies roster no problem there but can you read a scouting report ? There is not one grade A prospect in that whole list and yes some will be fine players on a third line but I’m willing to bet that not one is ever going to be a power forward that you can build a team around .

    Now take into consideration the Leafs are a middle of the road team that will pick middle of the draft and you get perpetual mediocrity . I am sure Burke is well aware of that fact and he knows a trade is the only way to improve on that or wait for a chance to win a bidding war for a top forward or two .

    Sometimes realitysucks but you can’t just ignore it since the Leafs have not drafted a top player in many many years .

  24. Dave says:


    Not sure what the sarcasim is for but it sounds like your looking for a number 1 overall pick right? Not going to happen dude, we both know it. Having said that, the strategy in your mind is what? Fail for Nail? Well my friend it seems we do have a guy with similar upside and two years more experience. His name is on that list (and no, not all of those names are Marlies). Gregg McKegg tied Nail Yakupov last year in goals (49). Tell me thats not an “A” list prospect moving forward dude. This is a guy who will play a first or second line role in 2-3 years.

    Bradley Ross, another dude lighting up the WHL with the Portland Winterhawks. Another A lister, projected to be a guy who may be able to do a solid job as a 3rd line super pest with some scoring touch (do we have any right now with the big club?). He may be a guy who fills in on a second line also. These are guys you win with dude. Take a look a Dave Bolland.

    Nazem Kadri – another A lister who needs more time. One look as his hands tells you all you need to know to grade him an A.

    Jesse Blacker – Another a lister who will log huge minutes down the road and will fit in nicely in the top 4. He can skate, has a knack for moving the puck and QB’ing a second line PP. Hits hard and provides heart.

    Jake Gardiner – well we leave this one for now – we all know what he can do.

    Joe Colbourne – Another A lister who is a year or two off (depending on moves) from being an anchor on a second line, perhaps the first.

    Jerry D’Amigo – Maybe not a A but pretty damn close with a B+. Is in his first full year with the Marlies and is projected to be a future second liner with a flare for scoring with deceptive and dangerous hands. Has great vision and punishes guys on the forecheck.

    Are any of these guys superstars along the likes of a Crosby, Staal, Nash, Getzlaf, Perry, etc. No, not at this point. Having said that we have two of the top scorers in the NHL right now dude. Building around them means that we really only need to solidify our 2nd line (if we make a trade or let grabbo walk). The bottom two lines are where we need some scoring help and some added toughness with some defensive accumen.

    Oh and if your hating on the Marlies because these guys are so terrible, then why are they leading their division (for the fist time in….well I dont even remember its been so long) Not to mention they sit 6th overall with this no good, fourth liner, bus ridden no talent group. Oh yeah, and that doesnt include many of these names above…..those losers are yet to come.


  25. Dave says:

    Oh and by the way, you are right, middle of the pack 1st rounders are no good with no future. Totally forget the total LOSERS taken after the first round.

    Just look at these bums:

    R. Getzlaf (19th overall)
    C. Perry (28th overall)
    M. Staal (12th overall)
    H. Zetterberg (210th overall – 7TH ROUND!)
    P. Datsyuk (171st overall – 6TH ROUND!)
    S. Weber (49th overall – 2nd round)
    K. Bieksa (151st overall – 5th round)
    B. Campbell (156th overall – 6th round)
    D. Hamuis (12th overall)
    A. Hemsky (13th overall)
    T. Plekanec (71st overall – 4rd round)
    E. Erhoff (106th overall – 4th round)
    J. Carter (11th overall)
    R. Kesler (23rd overall)

    Honestly dude should I go on. Keep up the smart alec stuff…..really it suits you. Maybe try to spark a conversation next time being non-confrontational. You might not look as silly.


  26. Hudson says:

    Wow I missed how this thread went nuts. Not sure how it’s possible to argue against Dave and Mark here. The cupboards were pretty bare, and now they’re not.

    And as for drafting high or not, it doesn’t seem to hurt quality teams…like uh, the perennially good Red Wings. You need good hockey people in place to build through every avenue, and every opportunity. We finally have that in T.O.

    After three years we are starting to see the pendulum swing. It’s just not happening fast enough, or obvious enough for the rabid (and I hate to say it, sometimes ignorant) TML fan.

    I did say banish, didn’t I? I knew that guy was trouble, lol.

  27. Dave says:

    “After three years we are starting to see the pendulum swing” Thats probably the best analagy I’ve ever heard Hud – love it! And really, how true. We’ll be well on our way in a few more years as we see some of these picks in the NHL.


  28. Mark Ritter says:

    We take all comers here Hud..lol…even the questionable ones!

  29. nhl fan says:

    I think Josh Leivo will have the biggest impact of all the prospects.

  30. Mark Ritter says:

    Josh Leivo- really? You don’t hear his name much. What about his game do you see making such an impact at the NHL level. He’s currently ranked around 18th amungst Toronto’s prospects…a goal scorer, his totals have jumped from 37 points (13 goals) in 64 games last season to 58 in 54 this season (24 goals).

  31. nhl fan says:

    I have watched him play a few games in junior with Sudbury. Has great hands and hockey sense. One of those player’s, the puck seems to follow him.

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