Remembering the 2010 Winter Classic: Philadelphia Flyers Vs. Boston Bruins

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Last year I had the opportunity to cover the Winter Classic between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

As an accredited writer I was able to take part in numerous interviews and take some pretty great pictures along the way.

With the 2011 Winter Classic between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals already starting to steal the headlines I felt it might be cool to look back at my experience in Boston.

Here is a look at some of my pictures:

This is the first picture I took after the cab dropped me off on Yawkey Way right outside the legendary Fenway Park.

The City of Boston and the NHL did a great job of promoting the event both in the media and on the streets of Boston.

If you got within a square mile of Fenway you knew the Winter Classic was approaching fast!

As a result of my affiliation with The Bleacher Report I was offered a chance to be an accredited writer for the Winter Classic by the NHL.

After receiving my media badge I headed straight for the ballpark/makeshift arena. I was immediately blown away by the buzz of people working hard to keep the event on track and the magnitude of the entire event.

Electricians were setting up the wiring and lighting, others worked hard at building the stage areas, while others continually maintained the ice surface, which, by all accounts, was fantastic the day of the event.

The NHL had invited several members of the media to skate on the ice. I was fortunate enough to take part. Here are a few photo’s from the ice surface…

The first picture shows off the Winter Classic logo which blessed centre ice. The second photo is the back of legendary pugilist Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, who showed up for the skate. The third photo is the back of Bruins icon Ken Hodge, while the fourth photo captures (from right to left) Schultz, Derek Sanderson, John McKenzie, Winter Classic ice guru Dan Craig and Joe Watson.

After the skate, which lasted the better part of an hour, the media were able to catch up with Hodge, Watson, Sanderson, Schultz and McKenzie.

Hodge, Sanderson and McKenzie all played alongside the great Bobby Orr. During the Alumni Round-table discussion Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Joe Watson called Orr “the greatest player that ever laced up the skates” . There wasn’t a player on the panel that didn’t agree with him.

Watson described Orr as one of the NHL’s toughest players, illustrating his point with a story about Orr hammering former Montreal Canadien Ted Harris. “Harris was no slouch…Bobby Orr laid him out”.

The best quote of the day belonged to Joe Watson who said something that rings true no matter how old you are or what you do in life. “Anybody can lose, it takes a special person to win”.

The next day several media members took part in a tour of Fenway. The pace oozes with history and nostalgia. As soon as you step foot in the building you know you are on sacred land.

Here are a few pictures from our tour of Fenway:

Starting on your left, regularly dedicated to Major League Baseball’s standings, the first picture shows the NHL standings on the Green Monster at the time of the Winter Classic.

Heading right, the second picture illustrates the view from atop of the Green Monster, one of the best views in the entire venue if you ask me!

The third picture is from inside the wall of the Green Monster. Note all the autographs from past players and graffiti.

The fourth picture is a plaque dedicated to the late Babe Ruth.

The second row of pictures (starting on your left) shows the Boston Red Sox bi-centennial jersey followed by a sign directing fans to the legendary Green Monster seating area.

Next up is a picture of the “Absolut Clubhouse”  which is the media room. Last, but not least, a view of some snow covered seats atop the Green Monster.

One of the coolest events the media were able to attend were the Bruins and Flyers’ team practices. Just before the boards opened to let the Bruins’ players on the ice it started to snow, poetic justice or what?

Here is a lok at some of the photo’s I snapped at the practices:

From left to right; the Boston Bruins gather in a scrum before practice starts. Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas takes it easy.

Next, Chris Pronger battles the snow as he looks up ice, while Flyers goaltender Brian Boucher sports his fashionable tuque!





Game Day:

Yawkey Way was electric with talk of the big game between the Bruins and Flyers. Bruins and Flyers fans playfully chirped at each other, the rivalry was alive and well!

 Almost every fan was wearing a hockey jersey or sporting some overpriced “Winter Classic” garb…it was awesome to see!

Inside, the fans slowly started to fill the stadium. Each and every fan was left in awe by the experience, it was a spectacle to behold, history in the making.





Might have been all the pre-game hype, may have been the lack of offense in the game, the crowd was fairly quiet throughout the contest. That is to say the crowd was very quiet until “Sweet Caroline” came on, then it was a party!

There must have been some magic left in that song, ’cause it sure as heck sparked the Bruins as veteran NHL forward mark Recchi scored at 17:42 of the third period to tie the game at one goal apiece.

Then, just a few moments into the first overtime period German-born Marco Strum scored the game winning goal sending the Bruins fateful into a frenzy!

Starting on the left, the first picture shows the ice just prior to the players coming on. Next, a view of the corwd after Mark Recchi’s tying goal.

The final picture on the far right was snapped right after the winning goal was scored in overtime, 2-1 Bruins!

Cool shots:





From left to right: CBC’s post for the big game. A pair of replica tickets to be autographed by the players. Tuukka rask’s mask’s for the big game, which was awesome to behold!

And finally, a picture of me with my Winter Calssic touque on outside of Fenway the day after the game.

Without a doubt, atten ding the Winter Classic between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers was an incredible experience, one that I will reflect on for many years to come.

There is so much more to this event than just the game, in fact, what happens outside of the actual game may be all the more impotant to the game of hockey.

If you have the means, get down to Pittsburgh to take in the 2011 edition of the Winter Classic. With the Pittsburgh Penguins and the washington Capitals scheduled to play you just know it will be a game to remember.

More improtantly, the event will itself will find it’s place in history…

Until next time,


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