Philippe Dupuis Put On Waivers, Komisarek and Brown Close To Return

January 2nd, 2012 4 Comments

With his club struggling to earn points and question marks about the overall toughness on his team, Toronto Maple Leafs general manager placed forward Philippe Dupuis on waivers on Monday and got the good news that both Mike Brown and Mike Komisarek are on the mend.

With Dupuis on waivers (he’ll be sent down to the Marlies should he clear), recent call up Darryl Boyce will likely assume Dupuis’ meager minutes. Signed as a free agent, Dupuis did little while in the Blue and White, posting zero points in 30 games and failing to bring a measure of improvement to the Maple Leafs penalty kill, which is ranked 30th in a 30 team league.

Toronto went a paltry 4-6-3 in December, resulting in the teams slide in the Eastern Conference standings from playoff team to tenth in the East.

The Maple Leafs lack of physical play, combined with some sub-par goaltending from starter James Reimer are the two main reasons for the Buds slide in the standings, as is their horrific penalty kill.

The additions of Komisarek and Brown to the lineup—who could both return as early as Saturday— would be a huge punch in the arm for the Maple Leafs who desperately need somebody to step up in the physical department.

Brown is known for his in-your-face playing style and is not afraid to drop the gloves. In Komisarek, the Maple Leafs are set to get a player that, when on his game, can be a force on the back end.

One thing is for sure, should Brown and Komisarek fail to deliver Burke will need to look outside the organization and bring in some help. Working against Burke is the fact that just abut every team is still in the playoff hunt. Trades will not come easy and the price tag is bound to be high.

Stay tuned, it’s crunch time for your beloved Maple Leafs!

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  1. Hudson says:

    Ok, the team has been tanking. Not happy. They finally got rid of Dupuis. Happy. What took them so long?

    We need a big run after the last 6 weeks. This has been awful. Can you guys imagine if we don’t make the playoffs for the 7th year running? No post season since 2004. It’s just staggering.

    I don’t know what Burke has in store. But this definitely rests on the current players and coaches. I have been a Wilson defender all along, and I think I am starting to lose my patience. 65% on the PK in December? For real? Frustrating that he just got an extension. For what? A good start? Why an extension before tangible results? And during the middle of a slide? I just don’t get it. They talk about sending messages to the players. And in my mind they are getting it all wrong.

  2. MarkRitter says:

    It’s been a tough month, that’s for sure. When you look at the Maple Leafs, it’s not just one problem— the coaching staff, players and management all have a role in the teams success and right now, all three are faltering.

    The Dupuis move should have happened a month ago. Bottom line— this team needs a shutdown D-man and a forward that can piss people off. Think Scott Hartnell (not that he is available). But if you watched this guy at the Winter Classic, he was in the face of the opposition all night, had a number of opportunities to score and laid the body countless times. This is the type of player the Buds so desperately need.

    The extension was a surprise and, yeah, the timing was strange. I too have been a supporter of Wilson’s as I never felt he had the troops. Now, when you consider the depth of the organization at the NHL and AHL level there looks to be enough talent for Wilson to find a winning combination.

    Time for excuses for Burke, Wilson and the players is over— put up or ship out I say.


  3. Hudson says:

    I could not agree more. I can’t help but feel a loss is in store tonight. The Leafs have dried up and Stamkos is on fire. Not a good combination…

  4. Hudson says:

    Well I was wrong about the Leafs losing, but I am right about this. Boyce has exactly one goal more in what, 6 games, than Dupuis had in 30…

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