Jarome Iginla: Do The Los Angeles Kings Want Him?

November 6th, 2010 7 Comments

Numerous rumors are circulating that it’s just a mater of time before Calgary Flames forward Jarome Iginla is traded.

Given Iginla’s sub-par performance last season and subsequent slow start to the 2010-11 season I can understand the Flames wanting to shop Iggy, but with three years left on his contract at a cap hit of $7 million, does any NHL team really want his services?

Complicating matters is the fact that Iginla owns a no movement clause. That said, Iginla does not strike me as the kind of player that wants to remain in the fold if he is not wanted, so I do not foresee that NMC being an issue.

Elliotte Friedman of CBC Sports wrote earlier in the month that Iginla would agree to a trade, but only if the Flames make it public that any move is the team’s choice, not his.

Needless to say, given his struggles of late, there are only a handful of teams out there that would want to take a chance on Iginla—especially in light of his huge salary.

As it stands right now (all numbers courtesy of www.capgeek.com) there are only 11 teams with enough cap room to pull off a deal for Iginla, but with a little maneuvering anything is possible.

Fact is, as good as Iginla has been in the past, there are very few teams out there that would be willing to take a chance on Iggy, but there are a few teams that stand out in my mind.

The Los Angeles Kings are off to a terrific start, but they could still benefit from the services of a Jarome Iginla and they have the assets to part with that could get a dal done with Calgary.

Adding Iggy to the Kings lineup would bring Los Angeles a little star power, and offensive punch and add an element of leadership to a team that could use a playoff experienced veteran.

As much as Calgary wants to believe that they are close I would suggest that a couple of prospects and one roster player gets this deal done. No way Los Angeles gives up any more than that, not with Iggy’s cap hit.

So what would the Flames want in return?

Defensive prospects Tomas Hickey and  Colten Teubert’s names are bound to come up, as are forward’s Brayden Schenn and may Andrei Loktionov. As for roster players— Wayne Simmonds comes to mind, but outside of him I am not so sure the Kings would be willing to part with any other regulars.

I cannot see the Kings offering up Dustin Brown and I am pretty sure they like their defense “as is”.

In order to make the cap hit work Los Angeles may entertain moving the likes of Jarret Stoll or Matt Greene, but I am not so sure Calgary would be willing to accept either player in a trade.

Other teams that would be interested in Iginla?

Well, you’ll hear the Toronto Maple Leafs pop up in rumor mills, but I just can’t see that happening.

The Pittsburgh Penguins could use Iginla’s services, but with little in way of prospects to offer up and with the team up near the cap-limit, it would seem as if adding Iggy would be all but impossible unless the Flames are willing to take a player of similar cap hit in return.

The New York Rangers are said to be interested, as are the Ottawa Senators, but I just cannot see a fit with either team.

Where would I like to see Iginla end up?

I would love to see Iggy land in Tampa Bay, but again, that’s not likely to happen.

Another great fit would be Washington, can’t see that happening either…

Fact is, it’s very difficult to pull off trades in the NHL these days, especially in light of the salary cap considerations.

More likely Iginla is forced to play out another 20-30 games before anything happens. That said, unless things turn around for Iggy you can expect these rumors to persist—for better or for worse.

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  1. H says:

    Playing the part of Kings’ GM, I wouldn’t make Schenn, Loktionov or Simmonds part of any deal for Iginla.

    Schenn is a natural center and could turn out to be a great checking line or good 2nd line center. Loktionov was a late round draft pick that has some offensive flair and can play all three forward positions. Both have untapped offensive potential and a considerable amount of years to develop.

    Simmonds is one of our best players and is turning into an Inginla-type player. He more than likely will not have the offensive ceiling that Iginla has but is on pace for another 40-point season to go along with 100+ penalty minutes and 90+ hits (according to TSN).

    When it comes to Greene and Stoll, trading either would leave a huge hold in our line-up. Stoll is our second line center and we have nobody that can replace his FO skills and for now, his point production (11pts, +7 in 12 games). Matt Greene is (was?) our best shutdown defenseman and I don’t see DL trading him any time soon.

    As for Iginla, there’s no doubt that he’s a tremendous talent and with a really good center (Kopitar) he could so some real damage. I mean, let’s face it, he hasn’t had a capable (I use that term loosely) center in Calgary for years.

    However, the simple fact is that he’s @ the tail end of his career and a contract that pays him 14 million over two seasons. His point production has also taken a dip the last few seasons, with a stunning 20-point difference between the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons.

    Moreover, his goal totals (50, 35, 32), number of shots taken (338, 289, 257) and shooting precentage have all taken declined and on a team that has no better goal scorer that’s bad news for both parties.

    Bottom line, the Kings would be better off trying to use 7 million a season this summer in trying to pry a huge free agent (Parise?) away from the market.

  2. MarkRitter says:

    Solid analysis there and I agree with everything you say. No guarantee that Parise is going to be available, but if he was, I think he’d be a great fit in LA!


  3. Fred says:

    I’d take him on my Leafs in a heartbeat. Dump that idiot Phaneuf in the minors to make cap room!

  4. Mike says:

    How about Malkin for Iginla and Bourque. I would take that. Good for both teams

  5. MarkRitter says:

    At this point in his career I think Malkin would commanda higher price. Add that to the Pens being short on centres right now (Staal is out with injury) and I do not see that happening. Don’t get me wrong, Iggy and Bourque is a pretty nice return, I just think if Malkin hit the op-en market the Pens would get mad offers.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Phil says:

    Not worth it. Don’t mix it up. The team is playing well right now. The Stoll line is one of the hottest (if not, the hottest) line in the league right now. If they stay healthy, I am OK with what they have going into the playoffs. Id rather keep that money for Parise too. Brown, Parise, and Johnson on the ice at the same time would be like the olympics. 2011 is a decent free agent class unless they get extended before then. Chara just extended and I am sure Thorton will too.

  7. MarkRitter says:

    Darned if they do, darned if they don’t: that’s kinda where LA is right now. The betting line says if they land the right top six forward they will be a legit Cup team. me? I think they already are and, if they will have to give up the likes of Schenn, Lokitinov, Hickey, etc. I am not so sure I would jump at Iggy, especially in light of that $7 million contract. Parise would be preferrable in my mind, but there is always the chance he signs with the Devils or another team….darned if ya do….lol…

    Thanks for the comment!

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