Crosby’s Equipment Found: Almost Made It’s Way To Russia

March 10th, 2010 No Comments

Reports have surfaced stating that the stick and glove that went missing soon after Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in the Gold Medal game against the United States has been found.

Hockey Canada released a statement saying Crosby’s equipment was, in fact, misplaced and not stolen as originally suspected. As it turns out the stick was found in a shipment that was reportedly headed to the IIHF Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Russia and that the glove was found in the possession of teammate Patrice Bergeron’s equipment bag.

Reebok had just last week put up a $10,000 reward for the return of the “priceless” items, no word on whether or not Bergeron will collect on the reward (of course I am joking).

The stick and gloves are now expected to be given back to Crosby who in all likelihood will donate the items to the Hockey Hall of Fame, where they can be appreciated by hockey fans.

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