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Keith Aulie Emerging As A Bright Spot For Toronto Maple Leafs

December 5th, 2010 No Comments

At 6’5”, 217 pounds, very few people will ever accuse Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Keith Aulie of being invisible. Yet, that’s exactly what Aulie has been in his eight game stint with the Maple Leafs—and we mean that in a good way! Originally drafted in the fourth round (116th overall) of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft by the Calgary Flames, Aulie came to the Maple Leafs as part of the Dion Phaneuf trade. Many saw Aulie as a decent prospect who, with a little seasoning, might just make a decent stay-at-home defenseman someday. Well, at just 21 years of age, Aulie is taking full advantage of his early season call up (which coincided with Phaneuf’s injury), quickly making a name for himself, playing confident, disciplined hockey and looking NHL ready. Through eight games Aulie has been a consistent presence on


NHL Trade Rumors: Can Brian Burke Pull One Off?

December 5th, 2010 1 Comment

Ever get into a fight with an Irishman? How about a drunken Irishman? Well, I have, and I can tell you from experience, regardless of the outcome of the fight one thing is for certain, that Irishman will never admit that he was wrong not matter how much you beat him! Such is the case with Toronto Maple Leafs Irish general manager Brian Burke. Fact is, it doesn’t matter how hard the Leafs Nation goes after him for making the Phil Kessel trade, he will never admit that it was a bad move and odds are he will remain loyal to Kessel to a fault. Recently, I threw an article out there designed to spark some debate over Phil Kessel’s value on the trade market. Needless to say the answers I got in return ranged from well thought out to


Toronto Maple Leafs Breaking News: Phil Kessel To Centre Top Line

December 4th, 2010 No Comments

In a move that wreaks of desperation, the Toronto Maple Leafs will start Phil Kessel at centre tonight when they face the Boston Bruins at the Air Canada Centre. Kessel, who volunteered for the move, has spent his entire career as a winger, so I am not so sure the move is going to pay off. The good news is Kessel is humming along with a 60 percent success rate in the face off circle, That said, he has only taken ten face offs on the season, so it’s really not a relevant stat. Listed at 6’0”, 202 pounds, Kessel should be alright in the size department, but I just cannot see how a player who often shy’s away from contact is going to compete down the middle on a nightly basis. In another move, rookie forward Nazem Kadri has been


Toronto Maple Leafs: Loss To Edmonton Oilers Is Alarming

December 2nd, 2010 1 Comment

They say winning is a process, a process that has no time limit and rarely comes easy—such is the case for our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. Thursday night the Maple Leafs took on the rebuilding Edmonton Oilers in a game that was supposed to see the Buds emerge victorious, sadly, it didn’t turn out that way as the Maple Leafs took it on the chin by a final score of 5-0—on home ice no less! The Oilers, who entered the game tied with the Maple Leafs with 20 points on the season, overtook the Leafs with tonight’s win and now sit two points ahead of the Blue and White—a feat thought all but impossible at the beginning of the season. Remember all the high-praise for Brian Burke over the summer? Remember all the excitement surrounding the new acquisitions? Man, how


NHL Trade Rumors: What Is Phil Kessel Worth On The Open Market?

December 1st, 2010 2 Comments

Season after season Toronto Maple Leaf fans patiently await for the day that their beloved Buds will finally make the leap from obscurity to contender. A little over a quarter of the way through the season it appears as if the Leaf Nation will once again have to deal with disappointment. Despite what some fans are calling a more spirited effort, the Maple Leafs currently sit 27th overall in the standings, a mere five points from the bottom and just two points up on the New Jersey Devils (18) and Edmonton Oilers. The acquisitions of Phil Kessel, Colby Armstrong, Dion Phaneuf, Fredrik Sjostrom, J.S. Giguere, Kris Versteeg and others have, thus far, failed to bring a better result than last years crew that finished the season 29th overall. The special teams are a mess, the coaching has been questionable and,


Toronto Maple Leafs Season May Not Be Salvageable

November 29th, 2010 No Comments

With the team 22 games into the 2010-11 season, many fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs are starting to lose faith in their team, and with good reason. The Buds currently sit with a 8-11-3 record, good enough for 19 points, which puts them 27th overall in the NHL standings. Offensively the team has been a disaster, averaging a paltry 2.18 goals per game, good enough for 27th overall. At the other end the defense has been better, giving up a total of 2.68 goals per game, down from the 3.21 goals against per game they gave up last season, but that has not been enough to translate into more wins. Big name free agents and key acquisitions via the trade route were supposed to have this team in hot pursuit of a playoff spot, but to date the team