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NHL Division-By-Division Power Rankings: Southeast Division Weak No More

November 2nd, 2010 No Comments

Three weeks and one calender month into the 2010-2011 NHL season, we’ve already begun to be able to pick out the surprises and disappointments of the year. Teams like Buffalo and New Jersey, two top-ranked teams from the Eastern Conference last season, have both struggled to get going and posted a combined 0-8-2 home record, while franchises such as Montreal, Boston, and Tampa Bay have burst onto the stage with a combined 20-7-2 record. Meanwhile, in the West, Nashville, Edmonton, and Dallas started out strongly but have faltered lately, while, on the other hand, youthful squads such as St. Louis, Colorado, and Los Angeles have already begun to prove their legitimacy. But how does the NHL look from a divisional standpoint? Which five-team groups have been the toughest to play in so far, while which divisions have struggled despite their


Toronto Maple Leafs—New York Rangers: Sloppy Seconds, Will Phaneuf Make Sean Avery Pay???

October 20th, 2010 No Comments

Last week the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers squared off in what eventually became a very closely contested match. While most of the attention was on the scoreboard, one could not ignore the fact that the most hated man in the NHL (Sean Avery) two-handed Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Komisarek in the ankle, not once, but twice and got away with it. As much as Komisarek would likely love to extract a measure of revenge on Avery I suspect he will be more inclined to just let it go and let the scoreboard, which should be favorable to the Maple Leafs Thursday night, do the talking for him. That said, there is another member of the Maple Leafs defense who still has a bone to pick with Mr. Avery, and perhaps Thursday night will finally be the night?


NHL Fighting: Senseless Fighting Needs To Be Addressed

October 11th, 2010 No Comments

It’s just a few games into the 2010-11 season and already we are seeing a lot of senseless fights taking place—fights that the NHL would be wise to punish more severely, fights that prove nothing. Thursday night, the Edmonton Oilers come out flying in their home opener, clobbering the Calgary Flames by a final score of 4-0. For the Oilers, it was a great start to the season, for the Flames, an embarrassing effort. With the Flames getting beat where it counts—on the scoreboard—the Calgary Flames felt it was necessary to “send the Oilers a message”, a message in the form of a good old fashioned butt-kicking. With the Oilers firmly ahead on the scoreboard the Flames tried to settle the score at 17:40 of the third period by sending out Raitis Ivanans to fight Steve MacIntyre. There was no


2010-11 NHL Power Rankings: The Quintessential Report

October 10th, 2010 No Comments

With the NHL pre-season behind us it’s almost time to start the regular season where all 30 NHL teams will drop the puck in anger for the first time. There was plenty of movement this summer, which should help change the landscape of the NHL standings in a big way from where the teams finished in 2009-10. Sure, the Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks and New Jersey Devils are bound to be amongst the NHL’s elite teams, it’s in the bottom ranks that we will see the most change. Off-season improvements from teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightning, Atlanta Thrashers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins should equate to big changes in the Eastern Conference, while Western Conference teams such as the Los Angeles Kings, Calgary Flames and Phoenix Coyotes should help determine the playoff


NHL: 2010-11 Eastern Conference Playoff Picks

September 30th, 2010 2 Comments

With the regular season just a few days away from commencing there are still a lot of roster decisions to be made. That said, for the most part, the top three lines on most NHL rosters are all but set, which makes it all the easier to make some solid predictions for the upcoming 2010-11 season. The following is a look at the Eastern Conference teams and where I see these teams finishing. Washington Capitals: Prediction- 1st In the Eastern Conference. After an excellent regular season which saw the Capitals earn the Presidents Trophy and set all kinds of franchise records along the way, the Caps fell victim to Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jaroslav Halak’s superb goaltending in the first round of the playoffs. Consdering just how poorly the Capitals season ended,  you just got to believe that the Capitals will come back with a


Calgary Flames: Cap Concerns Looming Large

September 10th, 2010 No Comments

According to, the Flames currently have a total of $61,749,995 committed to 23 players, which means somebody has to be trimmed from the roster before the start of the 2010-11 NHL season. Defensemen Steve Staios ($2.7 million), Cory Sarich ($3.6 million) and forward Nik Hagman ($3.0 million) look to be the most likely candidates to be shipped out. Complicating matters is the fact that a total of seven forwards, two defensemen and Mikka Kiprusoff (goaltender) have some form of no-movement/modified no-trade or straight out no-trade clauses, which will make it very unlikely that any of them are moved. As big as this season’s issue is, the bigger concern is 2011-12. Calgary has a total of $50,058,333 committed to 14 players in 2011-12, which is an alarming amount of money for so little players. Of those 14 aforementioned players, nine

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