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Brian Burke For NHL Commissioner?

April 3rd, 2010 2 Comments

  With so many NHL fans calling for the head of current NHL commissioner Gary Bettman these days, one has to wonder just how long it will be before there is serious pressure to replace him? Bettman has served as the NHL’s Commissioner since February 1, 1993, which equates to just under two decades of work. While there are plenty of fans out there that are quick to throw Bettman under the bus it must be noted that under the guidance of Bettman the NHL has grown it’s revenues from $400 in 1993 to a whopping $2.2 billion sports industry. Bettman has also been on hand to add six expansion teams into the fold, albeit with various levels of success. Through it all Bettman has tried his best to give America what it wants, trusting in his belief that he


Is The NHL Right To Institute Blindside Rule Without PA Approval?

March 24th, 2010 No Comments

Written By: Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter TSN is reporting that the NHL is looking at instituting the blindside rule without the National Hockey League Players’ Association’s approval and it says here they should be applauded for it. The NHL has been under a ton of scrutiny for not instituting the blindside rule immediately, the fact that they are now trying to speed up the process is an indication that the NHL is tired of screwing around with safety issues and may, in fact, be willing to risk backlash from the NHLPA if necessary. It’s beyond me why any player or anyone within the Players Association would want to put up any opposition to bringing the rule in right away, after all, the NHL only has the players’ best interests in mind, which should always be the priority and often


Ovechkin Hit All Too Familiar, NHL Needs To Send Him A Message

March 15th, 2010 No Comments

By now NHL fans are all too familiar with Alexander Ovechkin’s hit on the unsuspecting Brian Campbell, question is, was it dirty or clean? Needless to say NHL fans can debate Ovechkin’s hit on Campbell from both perspectives and, in all likelihood, make a strong case either way. The play in which Ovechkin and Campbell went for throttle for the puck on Sunday afternoon happens about a dozen times a game, the end result usually being that nobody gets hurt. Unfortunately, due to Ovechkin’s carelessness Campbell is now faced with a season ending injuries including a broken Clavical and perhaps a concussion to boot. For Ovechkin, the Campbell incident marked the third time that he was awarded a game misconduct. The first time was for the hit against the Buffalo Sabres Patrick Kaleta, the second, a hit against Carolina Hurricane


Bruins/Penguins To Meet Thursday Night: Will There Be Blodshed?

March 14th, 2010 No Comments

Written By: Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter Fresh off the dangerous hit from Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke on the unsuspecting Marc Savard of the Boston Bruins NHL fans await a rematch between the two sides this Thursday night in Boston. To say everybody has an opinion about the Cooke hit would be an understatement. Opinions range from fans suggesting Savard should have been more aware to Cooke needing to be suspended for twenty games. Given the NHL’s current rules Cooke was not disciplined for his actions, hell, he didn’t even get a penalty on the play, which shows just how inadequate NHL referees can be on most nights. The funny part about all of this is the fact that the NHL rule book does have a rule that the Refs could have imposed on Cooke, a rule that most

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