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U-S- NAY!!! Canada Beats Team USA in Gold Medal Game!!!! 3-2 Overtime Victory!!!!

February 28th, 2010 No Comments

Canada came into today’s game with a record of 10-3-3 against the United States. That said, none of that mattered today. Today’s game would not only decide which country would earn a gold medal, but also which country would have bragging rights for the next four years. Americans and Canadians from coast-to-coast eagerly tuned in to Sunday’s game en masse for what would amount to one of the greatest games ever played on Olympic ice. Canada got off to a slow start—something that was all too familiar for those that have watched Canada in these games. Both Canada and the United States traded chances, but neither team really established any real scoring chances until Canada’s Mike Richards dug a puck out from behind the net, pulled it out in front, shot the puck at American goaltender Ryan Miller and then


2010 Winter Olympics: Canada Vs. Slovakia, Highlights and Analysis

February 27th, 2010 No Comments

Heading into tonight’s match both Canada and Slovakia watched Team USA slay Finland in what amounted to a good old fashioned butt-kicking, 6-1 USA final. Team USA did an excellent job establishing pressure down low in the Finnish zone early and often, as well as taking advantage of the pathetic play from goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff—who looked abysmal all afternoon. For many, seeing the United States in the gold medal game will be a surprise, but team USA were full value for their win and remain the only team in the tournament that are undefeated. Canada (who lost 5-3 to the American’s on Super Sunday), would love nothing more than getting an opportunity to get a shot at redemption by beating the Slovaks tonight, thus earning a birth to the gold medal game where team USA will be waiting for them


Canada’s Women Win Third Olympic Gold Medal Over Team USA

February 26th, 2010 No Comments

Written By: Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter Heading into this game, there had been a lot of debate as to whether or not women’s hockey should remain a part of the Olympic Games. I will admit, watching Canada and the United States embarrass their opponents in the preliminary and semifinal rounds did nothing for me. But I managed to put all that behind me tonight, choosing instead to look at the positives—like the game between Canada and the United States this evening, a game that was sure to be a barnburner. Canada has won the Olympic gold medal game twice, taking home the prized medal in Salt Lake City (2002) and Turin (2006)—something that undoubtedly burns the Americans to no end. Admittedly, the women’s game does not possess the skills and speed that the men’s game does, but they do


2010 Winter Olympics: Canada Vs. Russia, Highlights and Analysis

February 25th, 2010 No Comments

Written By: Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter   (Pre-game Analysis)   It’s been a long time since Canada and Russia faced off in arguably the greatest hockey tournament ever played. Never one to overstate the obvious—Canada came out on top in that tournament, albeit by a nose. Throughout the Olympic Hockey Tournament many experts have stated that this years installment may, in fact, be the greatest assembly of hockey players ever assembled and, given the play by the likes of Team USA, Sweden and underdog Switzerland, perhaps the greatest tournament ever, eclipsing the 1972 Summit Series. Tonight’s game between Canada and Russia will be as much about pride in Country as it will be about Sidney Crosby versus Alex Ovechkin. Fierce rivals on the ice, both Crosby and Ovechkin have a great amount of respect for one another’s abilities, but


2010 Winter Olympics: Canada Vs. Germany, Highlights and Analysis

February 24th, 2010 No Comments

Written By: Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter Pre-game notes and thoughts: Canada came into their match against the Germans as heavy favorites. That said, make no mistake about it, given the importance of this game, Canada would not take this German squad lightly, especially when it’s do or die form here on into the tournament. In light of Martin Brodeur’s sub-par performance against the United States on Sunday night, Canada decided to go with Roberto Luongo between the pipes. On the surface, it would appear as if the Canadian coaching staff was making the right decision, but only time would tell. A win against the Germans would all but solidify Luongo as Canada’s number one goalie from this point forward. Not known for strong efforts in big games, Luongo now has the chance he has desired all his life—to be


Canada’s Women To Meet Team USA In Gold Medal Game

February 23rd, 2010 No Comments

Written By: Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter With all the attention that has been thrown at the Men’s Olympic Hockey tournament it is easy to forget that the Women are also playing in Vancouver. Today, on the heals of Team USA’s upset win against Canada in the Men’s tournament Sunday evening, both Canada and The United States won their semi-final matches to earn the right to fight it out for the gold medal in the Woman’s tournament. First came Team USA’s 9-1 Victory over Sweden—a team that just four years ago upset the Americans in the semi-finals by a 3-2 margin. To be fair, Sweden’s victory over the States was their own version of a “Miracle On Ice”—nobody outside of a few delusional family members of the Swedish Team were looking for Sweden to repeat their 2006 performance. Despite being

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