2011 NHL Playoffs Have Been A Bore Thurs Far

April 15th, 2011 4 Comments

Heading into the 2011 version of the NHL Playoffs a number of intriguing series revealed themselves.

Of course, if you favorite team is participating in the playoffs that’s always intriguing, but I am taking about series that transcend your usual alliances and have you dialed in just the same.

For some, it was the Montreal Canadiens/Boston Bruins series, for others the Vancouver Canucks/Chicago Blackhawks series provides a number of interesting story lines that peaks your interest.

Well, I got news for ya, thus far, there has been little “memorable” hockey in the playoffs, although the goaltending heroics from Canadiens netminder Carey Price and Buffalo Sabres stopper Ryan Miller were fairly compelling.

When I think of Playoffs past, there always seems to be a series that captivates its audience immediately. It may be a series that comes out of nowhere, or it may be one that comes as advertised, thus far, I just don’t see it.

Almost every series has featured a brand of careful, prodding hockey that borders on boring at times.

Big hits are all but void from the conversation and there has been little controversy or interesting quotes for the media and the fans to debate.

Is it the fact that the NHL is marred in parity? Perhaps. That said, it just seems like it is taking a little longer than normal for teams to find some hate between them, it just seems very blaze.

The Pittsburgh Penguins/Tampa Bay Lightning game had the potential to be an exciting affair, but when the Penguins pumped in two quick goals and added an empty netter it took an exciting close game and turned it into a 3-0 blowout.

The Detroit Red Wings/Phoenix Coyotes game never excited me in the first place and, given the way the Red Wings manhandled the Coyotes for the majority of the game, this was another snoozer!

The New York Rangers/Washington Capitals tilt has all the makings of a great series and likely will be. Alex Ovechkin’s tying goal was a huge moment, but I would hardly call their overtime a “war”.

Vancouver put the Blackhawks out of there misery early, getting ahead 2-0 within the first ten minutes of the game followed by 50 minutes of nothing. Well, ok, there were a lot of posts and I have to give these two teams for providing us with what appeared to be the most contested match of the playoffs thus far, but this was hardly a classic.

Dan Ellis was so bad between the pipes that the Nashville Predators had the Anaheim Ducks out of the game early, while over in Buffalo, Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller put up an egg on the Flyers.

The San Jose Sharks/Los Angeles Kings match had it’s moments, but how many of us actually made it through the overtime period?

And then there was the Montreal/Boston game, which, for all the hype that preceded it, was nowhere near as advertised.

Yes folks, the NHL Playoffs have started, but unless you are a fan of one of the teams in the dance, odds are you are yet to be impressed.

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  1. Aj says:

    The overtime period between the Kings and Sharks was the best fifteen minutes of hockey in the post-season so far! Fantastic goaltending duel.

  2. Mike Brunda says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t watch the playoffs then and should go golfing with the Leafs!!

  3. MarkRitter says:

    Funny, XM NHL 204 was debating exactly what I wrote today with everyone feeling the same way—playoffs have been boring thus far. Don’t hate!

  4. MarkRitter says:

    Yeah, it was a decent game for sure. Overall though, I think the playoffs have been a bust.

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